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Driving the ‘best road in the world’: the Transfagarasan

As the whining, four-cylinder engine of the Dacia grappled with the ascent, we reached the top of the tree line and emerged from the fog into the clear, thin air of high-altitude highway. And there, ahead of us, was the most famous section of the highway: a stretch of road looped in straight switchbacks reaching up the scraggly cliffs and sheer rock faces of the mountain’s peak. We pulled over, snapping photos of the seemingly impossible journey ahead.

Thornhill, Ont., candidates debate how to address anti-Semitism

The Ontario New Democrat and Progressive Conservative candidates for the riding of Thornhill traded barbed words at a local candidates’ debate on May 24, over how each would address the growing number of anti-Semitic attacks in the community.The incumbent, PC candidate Gila Martow, nodded to the federal government providing security funding for synagogues and Jewish daycares as a possible framework for protecting pro-Israel speakers and groups on university campuses; while Ezra Tanen, the NDP

Protests held outside the Israeli consulate in Toronto

As turmoil along the Israel-Gaza border continues to escalate and death tolls rise, rallies flared up outside Israel’s consulate in Toronto on April 9, as demonstrators reacted to the country’s crackdown on mass border protests. Protesters amassed in two groups – one in support of the Jewish state and the other condemning the Israeli government’s armed response to Palestinian protests in recent weeks. The protests in Gaza, which began in late March, were led by Hamas leaders, who called on Pal

Canada Pension Plan's hidden costs make it three times more expensive to run than reported: study

The cost of running the Canada Pension Plan is three times higher than figures released by its investment board suggest, according to a report by the Fraser Institute. In the recent debate over an expanded Canada Pension Plan (CPP), its low cost was offered as one of the main benefits for larger government-managed pensions. The Ontario government, introducing its own version of the CPP, argues that lower costs helped to justify public pension plans. Not surprisingly, the Canada Pension Plan Inv

Kim Campbell wants double the number of seats in Parliament and give half to men, half to women

Former prime minister Kim Campbell has a proposal that she says will encourage more women to enter politics: split each federal riding into two seats and reserve half of them for women. Ms. Campbell, who served briefly as Progressive Conservative PM in 1993, made the pitch during a women’s leadership conference in Charlottetown, P.E.I., saying the plan could solve the gender disparity in federal politics. “It’s the simplest, least disruptive way,” Ms. Campbell told the National Post Thursday o

The problems with Formula 1’s proposed Halo device

Does F1’s latest proposed safety device cast the right kind of halo on the sport? Fernando Alonso’s McLaren was barely recognizable by the time it came to rest at the edge of the Albert Lake Park circuit in Melbourne on Sunday. The double-world champion clipped the back of F1 rookie Esteban Gutiérrez’s car and was sent flying through the air in a barrel roll before slamming into fencing and coming to rest in a heap of wreckage. Visibly shaken, Alonso quickly emerged from the overturned wreck a