Stories from abroad.

Driving the ‘best road in the world’: the Transfagarasan

As the whining, four-cylinder engine of the Dacia grappled with the ascent, we reached the top of the tree line and emerged from the fog into the clear, thin air of high-altitude highway. And there, ahead of us, was the most famous section of the highway: a stretch of road looped in straight switchbacks reaching up the scraggly cliffs and sheer rock faces of the mountain’s peak. We pulled over, snapping photos of the seemingly impossible journey ahead.

The Pacific to the Peaks - A Journey into California's Hinterland

As the beeping of my alarm slowly awakens me and I rouse myself from the warmth of my bed in the dead of winter, I’m reminded that some of my friends think what I’m doing is strange. Flying to California, a sunny destination synonymous with beaches, entertainment and nightlife, only to forego all that for a journey into the high-altitude interior of the state that has a wintery climate similar to the one I’m leaving behind in Toronto, confounds some. The promise of fresh powder runs at world-c

The Pacific to the Peaks Part 2 - Snowbound at Lake Tahoe

Part 1: The Pacific to the Peaks – A Journey into California’s Hinterland The aha! moment came to me as I strapped into my snowboard while gazing down at Lake Tahoe several thousand feet below, which reflected the dark, ominous streaks of storm clouds that had gathered in a low formation over the lake and across the mountains that rise sharply from its deep waters. While the clouds slowly cleared and a singular beam of late-afternoon sunlight cast a glow over the dark, swirling waters of the l

The Pacific to the Peaks Part 3 - Final Descent

PART ONE – The Pacific to the Peaks – A Journey into California’s Hinterland PART TWO – The Pacific to the Peaks Part 2 – Snowbound at Lake Tahoe AS we emerge from the tunnel that bores through the mountainside the windshield is splattered with rain and the road disappears ahead of us in the fog – the asphalt, paint and guardrails that dutifully follow the edge of the water are enveloped in the clouds that roll low across the choppy, windswept surface of Lake Tahoe. These are far from ideal s